Hair-Doctor Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair-Doctor Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair-Doctor Minoxidil has the same FDA-approved extra strength formula as Rogaine for only 1/4 the price. Clinically proved to regrow hair. Apply Hair-Doctor twice a day to the areas where you’re losing hair, massaging thoroughly into the scalp. Why pay extra for Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength when Men’s Hair-Drx Extra Strength contains the same ingredients (5% Minoxidil, alcohol, propylene glycol and purified water) and costs so much less? Hair Doctor is made in the USA. Buy one get one free with this special TV offer, not available in stores. As Seen on TV.

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    1. Kenneth, our site streams TV commercials. We don’t sell products. Return to the website where you placed your order and you’ll find links at the bottom of the page for contacting customer service and tracking your order.

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