Mighty Bite Fishing Lure Kit

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Mighty Bite Fishing Lure Kit

The Mighty Bite offer has been updated to include the lure you’ve been asking for – the Mighty Bite Nano. It’s the world’s first lure with the erratic action of a wounded baby bait fish. This special set of 8 Nanos targets fish of all sizes and species. And the Mighty Bite Nano kit is free with your order (just pay separate shipping).

Mighty Bite is the world’s only 5-sense fishing lure. It looks, smells, sounds, feels, tastes and swims like a wounded bait fish. Mighty Bite’s revolutionary bite marks, swimming fins, and custom weighting and rattle system give it the erratic action of a wounded bait fish. It’s unique wounded action and holographic design create a visual signature that make fish strike hard. The motion-activated time-release scent stick leaves an irresistible scent trail that fish target and attack. The taste and scent are so real fish won’t let go. Works in both fresh and salt water. The Mighty Bite expert fishing kit contains over 100 pieces.


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