Scratch-dini Auto Scratch Remover

Scratch-dini Auto Scratch Remover

Protect your car’s paint job while removing ugly scratches in seconds with Scratch-dini, the all-new professional-strength formula that makes scratches disappear. It couldn’t be easier. Just use a tiny amount of specially-formulated Scratch-dini and you’ll buff away the scratch in seconds. The magic behind Scratch-dini is BFGoodrich Carbopol and millions of micro-particles that gently and effectively remove surface scratches in one easy step. And the best part is that Scratch-dini works on any color car, guaranteed. Order now and get Scratch-dini headlight restorer absolutely free. Restore dull and oxidized headlamps to like-new condition in just seconds. And that’s not all. With this exclusive TV double offer, you’ll get a 2nd Scratch-dini Scratch Remover and a 2nd Scratch-dini Headlight Restorer free, just pay shipping.

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    1. Sorry, our site just streams TV commercials. We don’t sell the product, so we don’t have a phone number. Sorry!

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