Zoomies Binocular Sunglasses

Zoomies Binocular Sunglasses

Zoomies are the compact, hands-free, high-power binoculars you wear like sunglasses. Instant 300% magnification brings everything up close. Zoomies utilize the same vision magnification technology as high-priced high-powered binoculars and condenses it into microvision lenses that adjust easily with a turn of the focus dial and magnify up to 300%. Switch on the built-on sunshade to eliminate glare without switching to sunglasses. Zoomies are so lightweight and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Fold for easy storage in shirt pocket or purse. With this limited time buy one get one free offer, you’ll get 2 pairs of Zoomies, 2 hanging lanyards and 2 carrying cases for $10 plus P&H. As Seen on TV.

3 thoughts on “Zoomies Binocular Sunglasses

    1. I love your glasses & would like to purchased but cannot find a order site,.Please forward instructions on how to buy

      1. Bruce, our website streams TV commercials. We’re not a store and we don’t sell anything. We don’t have current ordering information for this product. Sorry.

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