Pearl Hair Remover

Pearl Hair Remover

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Pearl Hair Remover

Fed up with daily shaving? Pearl Hair Remover removes unwanted hair at home without the painful side effects of tweezing and shaving. The Pearl hair removal device uses a heat transfer method to crystallize and painlessly remove unwanted hair from face, chest, arms, legs, even your most private areas, without expensive doctors or spas. Works for all skin types and shades, on both men and women. Lightweight, portable and rechargeable. Take Pearl anywhere. You get 1 Pear Hair Remover, 1 bottle of Soothing Serum, 1 large tip for body, 1 small tip for face, 4 large buffer pads and 4 small buffer pads. Pearl is pain-free and strong enough for the thickest hair. Order your 60-day in-home risk-free trial today.


2 thoughts on “Pearl Hair Remover

  1. Hi I am trying to order the Pearl hair remover but I can’t see we’re to go. It is for a man can you give me a hit please.
    Regards Sue.

    1. Did you click on the link on this page that says “ORDER PEARL HAIR REMOVER”? That will hook you up.

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