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Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum

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Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum offers a lot of sucking power for your dollar—at a fraction of what you’d pay for an industry-leading Dyson model with comparable abilities.

Better than a Dyson—at a third the cost?

The makers of the Shark Rotator say that tests show its super sucker “deep-cleans carpets better than” a $600 Dyson vacuum. And with the Shark, you get a few features Dysons don’t have—at about a third of the cost.

3 vacuums in 1!

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum combines three ways to vacuum in one lightweight unit: the power of an upright, the convenience of a lift-away and the ease of a canister. The Shark Rotator promises powerful cleaning on all surfaces, with no loss of suction. This professional lift-away vacuum is lightweight and features enhanced swivel steering for superior maneuverability.

Traps nearly 100% of dust and allergens

Because the Shark Rotator is completely sealed, it won’t release dirt or harmful allergens like pet hair into the air. It  includes an extra-large dust cup and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which work together to trap over 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. The vacuum is so good at keeping the air clear that it received the British Allergy Foundation’s Seal of Approval!

Recommended by 95% of owners

Shark Rotator owners love the product. In fact, 95 percent of those who have owned it for at least two years say they would recommend the vacuum to friends.

“Clean everywhere and anything.”

“First, with its appearance, it is just awesome looking, so sleek and stylish,” said owner Erin O. “The maneuverability of the push vacuum is unbelievable, so smooth and lightweight. Turning it is a piece of cake, and setting it up for caddy use takes two seconds. It has so many different attachments that really are so useful, you can clean everywhere and anything.”


22 thoughts on “Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum

  1. I called today and was told the S&H was $30.95 for the vacuum and $14.95 for the mop. Sounds like the S&H changes from what I am reading in the comments. And when they say lifetime warranty – on what? belts? everything? By reading the comments I am very unsure about ordering from the site.

  2. I want the NV-652 with all attachments and a mop at $49.95 5 payments plus shipping and handling and life time warranty. I need it asap, my broke down and it’s to expensive to fix (rainbow) i had it for over 15 years. I’m waiting for you answer

  3. Well I tried the rest, until I found the best!!!!!! This vacuum was made for me…Not only does it have the power, but the function of being able to lift the pod and clean with ease around the molding on the floor with this light weight pod is outstanding. So easy to operate. When I was done, the dust cap was full, I couldn’t believe what was left behind
    by my other vacuum, that went right into the garbage. To clean just press the button over the garbage and out flows the debris. Best investment you’ll ever make, plus it was easier then using central .

    1. Our site streams TV commercials. We don’t make or sell products. I’m sure a Google search will help you find the battery-powered Shark vacuum.

  4. I would like to see the offer that you had on TV where you guranteed this shark unit for life.
    Please let me know, also included other extras like under frig wand.

  5. HI, saw an add about the Shark Rotator, says they pay one of the payments, you get all the attachments plus a free steam mop. Can you still get this offer, have lost the number to call. Thanks Gayle

      1. then why show it on t.v.? I also called I have a shark vacuum it s wonderful. All these extra charges is a scam. Was thinking of buying as a wedding gift.Have decided against it.

  6. Hi
    I am interested in ordering the shark vacuum. I saw the infomercial on television and sI would like to inquire about the offer that offers the payment options of 5 payments at $39.99. What is the telephone number to order by phone?

  7. I watched the paid TV advertisement and was impressed by your product and its capabilities.
    However, when I went to the website to place an order, I was a bit confused. I do not want the optional caddy but your commercial shows 3 attachments that do not seem to be included in the offer. The commercial shows your product vacuuming ceiling fans, bookcases, curtains and under appliances. The order form makes no mention of the attachments that are shown as part of your commercial.
    In addition to the steam mop, are the attachments for performing the tasks listed above and shown on your commercial included in the offer?
    Victor V. Machiano

    1. Victor, our website streams TV infomercials. We’re not the seller of this product. However, if you go to the ordering website linked from this page, you’ll see that the attachments you described ARE part of the offer.

    2. I was so interested to buy Shark Rotator Lift Away, I called to make sure what came with it I was so confused while talking with the lady on line I told her I would wait and go on line. So far that’s not clear either. How about making a picture LIST on T.V. Such as showing Shark Rotator Vacuum and ONLY show the attachments that come with it. That’s mainly what I’m interested in. Thanks for listening.

      1. Good points, but probably won’t be read by the Shark company. Our site just streams infomercials and we don’t have any relationship with the company that makes the vacuum.

  8. Shark lift away vacuum I’d recommende for anyone.having rods infused to my spine 9 months ago limited my movement so pulling and tugging hurt but this vacuum is beautiful no more pain while I vacuum.thank u so much,I vacuum without the fear of being in pain no more

  9. Why does this add show a Canadian flag but on the order form one can only order in the United States?

    Please advise how one can order if you are in Canada.



    1. Our apologies. This offer used to be available in Canada, and we have updated our page to reflect the change. The vacuum may be available on other websites that ship to Canada, but we don’t have the details.

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