Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt

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Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt

Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt. Just pump it up and feel your spine straighten and your back pain goes away. The Dr. Ho Back Belt relieves painful pressure on discs and joints. This is a professional back traction device recommended by doctors and chiropractors and loved by back patients everywhere. Wear while standing, sitting, walking, driving, sleeping – wear it anywhere an everywhere while performing all your daily activities.


32 thoughts on “Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt

  1. I would like to order the dr. ho belt, I have a phone no. but it won’t ring through. Could I please have the numer, thank you

    1. That number may no longer be valid. We don’t have a current phone number, but you can click on the order link to buy this product on Amazon. Thanks!

  2. I have used this and ended up in the hospital do to no feeling in my arm and hands and this been going on for a week now.

    1. This website just streams TV commercials, Eric. I’m afraid we don’t have any info about whether this product is covered by Medicare.

  3. Going from 5 payments of 49.99 to 4 payments of 49.99 is not 50% off. I don’t know who did the math, but they need to try again!

    1. I think the point is moot because this particular offer is no longer available, but they’re saying the original cost was $400. Thus 4 payments of $49.99 is 50% off.

  4. Your ad may be good, but I don’t see how those who really need it are able to get it. I’ve had back trouble for many years. I am 79 years old. The past two years or so the pain has gotten much worse. Medicare may pay for me to have one. But I haven’t a clue how to make that happen.

    1. Hi Stanley. This is not our advertisement. This is a website that streams TV commercials old and new. We do not sell this product (or any products) and don’t have the information you’re looking for. Sorry, and good luck getting some relief.

    1. Sorry you’re in pain. Wish we could help, but we don’t know if your insurance will pay for it.

    2. I’m interested in compression belt brace for back pain. Medicare primary united healthcare secondary. I see a neurologist once a month for injections that don’t last the month. On fixed income cannot afford 199: hopefully it’s covered by insurance. It says they take medicare

  5. I ordered this belt about 2 weeks ago and my doctor signed and returned the prescription. I was told I would hear back in a few days with shipping information. Have not heard at all. would like to know what is happening

    1. Bob, this website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell anything. You’ll need to contact the seller directly.

  6. Sunday’s USA weekend of 12-7-2014 has an add saying Medicare will pay for this belt. DrHos.com asks for installments for half of the cost. Don’t understand.

  7. Is there any store in Grand Prairie alberta or Edmonton alberta that sell dr Ho decompression belt , Did buy a belt years ago from Seen on TV store in Edmonton
    ab .

    1. Norm, our site streams TV commercials. We don’t market any products and don’t have any info about where they can be purchased. Sorry!

  8. Is there a phone number I can order this from? I don’t like buying things per internet.
    Also, do they come in different sizes?

    1. Norma, our site streams TV commercials. We’re not a store and we don’t sell anything. We don’t have a phone number or any additional info about this product. Sorry.

        1. This website just streams TV commercials. We don’t have any additional info concerning this product.

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