CB-1 Weight Gainer Maximum Strength by Supragenix

CB-1 Weight Gainer Maximum Strength by Supragenix

If you want to gain weight, bulk up or add sexy curves, CB-1 Weight Gainer Maximum Strength by Supragenix is your solution. CB-1 works in two ways to help you gain weight fast by both increasing your appetite and slowing your metabolism so you burn fewer calories. CB-1 is safe, effective and all natural, with no steroids or other drugs.

What is CB-1 Weight Gainer?

CB-1 Weight Gainer is a natural weight-gain pill designed for people who struggle to put on weight and suffer from a fast metabolism or weak appetite.

“By far the best product I have ever used”

CB-1 Weight Gainer by SupragenixAmong the many testimonials of satisfied customers is that of Cody, age 26. “Before I started taking CB-1, I weighed 165 pounds!” writes Cody. “I felt that I worked out very hard but I wasn’t gaining muscle or weight like I had wanted to. I heard about this product and thought I would give it a try, and the outcome of taking this product is exactly what I wanted and had been looking for. I gained 65 pounds in five months. CB-1 Weight Gainer is by far the best product I have ever used.”

Features and benefits

  • Patent pending weight gain formula
  • Tested ingredients
  • Step-by-step weight gain program
  • Made in the USA
  • Useful for men, women and seniors

A complete weight gain program

Every order includes the CB-1 Weight Gain Guidebook. This exclusive guide covers everything you need to know about reaching and maintaining your weight gain goal, from calories and supplements, to nutrition and exercise.

Tested ingredients

CB-1 Weight Gainer undergoes extraction and testing by an independent third-party laboratory, ensuring that every batch contains the most pure and potent ingredients.

Safe and natural

CB-1 Weight Gainer is a blend of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. It is safe and natural, with no drugs or other harmful ingredients.100 percent money-back guarantee.

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  1. Hello How do I buy capsules from you take and how much time and how much reach Saudi Arabia and the Saudi price at Real

    1. Hello, our website streams television advertisements. We are not the seller of this product. You should click through to the seller’s website and ask your question there.

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