StoneDine Non-Stick Stone-Coated Cookware

StoneDine Non-Stick Stone-Coated Cookware

StoneDine Non-Stick Stone-Coated Cookware

StoneDine Cookware actually has stone in the non-stick coating to make it scratch-resistant, with reduced cooking time and more flavorful, perfectly cooked restaurant-quality food without unhealthy fats and oils. Wipes clean with just a paper towel. StoneDine Cookware is so high-quality that it comes with a 12 year warranty and a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Order now and you’ll receive a free StoneDine best-selling 11″ skillet with your purchase.

13 thoughts on “StoneDine Non-Stick Stone-Coated Cookware

  1. I was looking online to fined a site that I could maybe get hold of Stone Dine to check on warranty for the pots and pans we bought 12 years ago having used the warranty once before with no problems. The pots and pans have become scratched and are peeling the surface, though they were excellent up to a year ago, and some still are with my wife using them all the time, that we wanted to get them warrantied if at all possible. We have tried other ceramic non-stick, or anodized such as Copper Chef (JUNK ), T-Fal (Junk ), Food Network ( OK,want better ), Red Copper ( Junk ), Farberware ( JUNK ), Gotham Ceramic ( Worse than JUNK ), so I guess we will continue looking, but NOTHING MADE IN CHINA…..

  2. I love my stonedine cookware and would love to beable to purchase another 2 sets on the same payment plan I did 4n years ago but cant find the site I used

    1. I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t believe this cookware line is currently being manufactured.

      1. Hi Carol. This website streams commercials and infomercials. We don’t sell this product. In fact, I’m not sure it’s still made. You’ll probably find similar cookware on Amazon.

  3. Don’t buy the stone done cookware because you cannot even get in touch with them at all, their Stone done cookware suck. Don’t trust them!!

  4. I in NEED REPLACEMENT OF 1 SMALL FRY PAN, 1 MED. FRY PAN, 1 MED POT AND 1 12/12 inch Wok all damaged, I got 1 got 1 pan back before this complain ,I’ve thrown them away because of badly rust and scratches and peeling,

    1. Tina, our website streams TV commercials and infomercials. We don’t make or sell any products. You’ll need to contact the seller directly.

  5. I bought the set of stonedine about 3 yrs ago, and there already peeling and I can’t get in touch with them here in the usa cause they no longer have any info for them there is suppose to be a 12 yr warranty but I can’t find any way of getting a hold of them for them to replace my pans

  6. Please send me where I can buy the right store of stonedine frypan and Flip Jack Pancake by orgreenic and four golden brown pancake… thanks

    1. Be very careful. Buy a used seasoned set if you get this name band because after the first year they made them cheap and aren’t around for a warranty and 13 months in they are the quality of a 18 dollar set at a dollar store.

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