PC Matic the Anti-Virus Secret

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PC Matic the Anti-Virus Secret

PC Matic is the secret the big anti-virus companies don’t want you to know. Products like Microsoft, AVG, Symantec and McAfee don’t effectively block modern viruses. They use old technology to battle an increasingly sophisticated threat. But not with PC Matic.

PC Matic is like a VIP list for your PC.

PC Matic uses a new innovative approach that only allows trusted applications to run without sacrificing performance. PC Matic is like a VIP list for your PC. If you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in.

PC Matic stops CrytoLocker.

PC Matic is so effective it stops CryptoLocker, a threat that encrypts your files then demands a ransom to retrieve them. Only PC Matic protects you from CryptoLocker. PC Matic closes security holes in common software like Java and Flash, and blocks adware that hijacks online shopping.

PC Matic is affordable and easy to use.

PC Matic is affordable and easy to use. Stop wasting your time on a placebo that only makes you feel secure. Dump your old security software and get PC Matic. It actually protects your computers and keeps them running great. The download is free. Check it out, then protect up to 5 computers for a low annual fee.


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    1. Hi Ronald. Our website streams TV commercials. We are not PC Matic. You should find support info at pcmatic.com.

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