Dr. Delrae Detox and Weight Loss System

Dr. Delrae Detox and Weight Loss System

Get clean to get lean with the Dr. Delrae Messer Detox and Weight Loss System. Detox at a cellular level, jump start your metabolism and build muscle with high-quality protein. Every component you need to achieve dramatic and lasting results. Dr. Delrae’s Cell Detox works with your body to remove toxins at the cellular level. Dr. Delrae’s Raspberry Ketone Plus is an all-in-one weight loss supplement designed to control your appetite ignite your body’s fat burning. Dr. Delrae’s Fit Shake is a tasty vanilla shake with high-quality protein for daily nutrition.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Delrae Detox and Weight Loss System

  1. I have purchased a trail and on my bank statement I have been charged $89.95 for something I have not received and have not completed the trail. Then on top of that the phone number on the bottle is not working. I have been trying to reach someone for 3 weeks and the phone will ring sometimes and no voice mail or I would get a busy signal. Since I can’t reach anyone I have to write this message to the company. This is unprofessional and I will not be ordering anything else from your company. Please reimburse my $89.00 and do not charge me anymore for this product or you will be hearing from my lawyer…

    1. Hi Lisa. We aren’t the company that sells this product, and we have no relationship with them. We’re just a website that streams TV commercials. Hope you are able to resolve your problem.

  2. I received a free bottle of Ketone plus by paying the postage cost. I received it on 4/19/2019 and today on 4/25/2019 I have been charged $89.95 for it. Why do I have this charge when I did not have a chance to even try it? I purchased this on a presentation on the web. Your papers included with the product said to call -866.913.2517 with any questions. I called this number and they said they do not know who you are. What is the story and why can’t I reach anyone to talk to?

    1. This website streams TV commercials and infomercials. We don’t make or sell any products. This video is from 7 years ago, and we don’t have any information about the product or its seller. Sorry.

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