Forever Comfy Gel and Foam Combination Cushion

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Forever Comfy Gel and Foam Combination Cushion

Forever Comfy is the gel and foam combination cushion that puts a supple layer of comfort between you and your seat, making every chair more comfortable. Lightweight, portable and washable. Forever Comfy contains two layers of high-density foam and an inner layer of therapeutic comfort gel that distributes your weight evenly and eliminates uncomfortable pressure points. Faux sheepskin cover. Great for home, office and car. Sitting too long can leave you with an aching lower back. Get comfortable with Forever Comfy.


One thought on “Forever Comfy Gel and Foam Combination Cushion

  1. I’ve looked at many, many of the same cushion that I’ve bought. All I want to know is directions on how to clean it, the outer sleeve (can it be washed?) and the foam inside. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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