Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails

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Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails is the all-in-one nail art system with perfect placement every time. Nail stamps are a hot new trend, and now you can get salon-quality nail designs at a fraction of the cost. Use right or left handed. And Hollywood Nails is not just for fingernails– it works on toes too. Just four easy steps to perfect nail designs. Lock it down, align your nail, apply nail polish, then stamp your design. The Hollywood Nails kit includes seven plates with over 60 chic designs, a professional nail art tool, and 2400 rhinestones for that extra bit of sparkle and bling.


3 thoughts on “Hollywood Nails

  1. Can I buy a replacement stamp? The one I have, the rubber stamp fell out and got damaged. The rest is prefectly fine. Only need the rubber stamp.

    1. We don’t sell products, so I’m not sure where you could get the stamp. The order link on this page goes to Amazon, where you can now buy the whole package for $8.55 with free shipping.

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