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Tai Cheng

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Tai Cheng

Tai Cheng from Beachbody combines tai chi, qi gong and 21st-century sports science. Dr. Mark Cheng’s breakthrough method of Dynamic Motion Control makes it easy for even beginning students to master the basic moves of tai chi. Tai Cheng will help you if you’re looking to increase balance and agility, rehab after a sports injury, naturally reduce pain or just want to get in better shape.

Tai Cheng

Relieve pain—naturally!

Tai Cheng was designed to help people get rid of common aches and pains that can often hold them back. The program’s combination of 21st-century fitness science with age-old tai chi techniques helps decrease pain in muscles and joints by increasing muscle control.

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Tai Cheng FAQs

  • What’s Tai Cheng?
    Tai Cheng translates to “Supreme Accomplishment” in Mandarin Chinese, and might very well be Beachbody’s most comprehensive fitness system. It was developed by tai chi master Dr. Mark Cheng.
  • Who’s Dr. Mark Cheng?
    Martial arts master trainer Dr. Mark Cheng has 30 years’ experience in tai chi, as well as a background in traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture.
  • How can Tai Cheng help me?
    Tai Cheng is based on tai chi techniques, age-old qi gong practices and contemporary corrective exercise routines that all come together to rehabilitate the body, increase metabolism and joint movement, manage stress and improve athletic performance.
  • Who’s it for?
    The 13-week regimen can provide benefits to everyone, from exercise novices to experienced athletes.
  • What’s a workout like?
    Each daily Tai Cheng workout starts with a gentle warm-up and then guides you through a new tai chi move.
  • How long is the program?
    The 90-day program is divided into four phases. You learn six tai chi moves in each of the first three phases, which are each three weeks long. During the four-week-long fourth phase, you will learn to incorporate multiple moves in single sequences.
  • What do I get?
    In the Base Kit, you get 12 DVDs containing the 18 essential moves in more than 30 workouts. You also get the Feel Better Food Plan, Week-by-Week Workout Calendar and the Tai Cheng Foam Roller, plus six free bonus gifts that include strength bands and 24-hour access to the Team Beachbody online community.
  • What equipment do I need?
    All you need other than what you get with the Tai Cheng program is a 6-foot by 6-foot space and less than an hour per day.


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