Diamond-z4 CZ Ring by Sterlington Collection

Diamond-z4 CZ Ring by Sterlington Collection

Even expert jewelers have a hard time telling the $20 Diamond-z4 CZ Ring from a $30,000 diamond ring. For the first time ever, the fire and brilliance of flawless diamonds are captured in this beautiful ring from Sterlington Collections. The Diamond-z4 Ring features a 2 3/4 carat flawless center CZ gem, complimented by over 1 1/4 carets of clear CZ baguettes. The setting is polished and finished sterling silver plate. Each ring comes with a certificate of authenticity and a beautiful velveteen box. You can also get the matching Diamond-Z4 band for a small separate fee. Limited time offer, not available in stores, so order today.

3 thoughts on “Diamond-z4 CZ Ring by Sterlington Collection

  1. Hi,
    I just received my LOVE RING and it is gorgeous!!! I also worked in a jewelry store and these rings are every bit as lovely as the costly ones are. I had a friend have her diamond solitare necklace yanked off of her neck and so I feel very safe wearing my Sterling rings
    and IF I do have an episode like that they would not get a real diamond but one that fooled even them. I can’t wait to get my Diamond-Z4 ring and matching band.
    I was told by others that you did not send theirs and they have had no end of trouble with you, but I can say in ALL honesty–I truly am a very pleased customer!!
    Thanks, S. Wall

  2. I pllaced an order for this ring using an automated system…I was supposed to recieve an email confirmation and nothing has come. Where is my order?! The automated system did not even give a order tracking number. Is this something I should involve the authorities in? My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx… Thank you…Mr. William Eleazer

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