EZ Eyes Large Print Computer Keyboard

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EZ Eyes Large Print Computer Keyboard

EZ Eyes is the amazing large print computer keyboard that makes typing easy. Ergonomically designed with oversized letters that are four times bigger than a standard keyboard. EZ Eyes works with both Mac and PC with no extra software needed– just plug it in. Resists spills, too. You’ll also find out about the glow-in-the-dark version when you place your order. Free ergonomic mouse too. Double offer, just pay S&H.


5 thoughts on “EZ Eyes Large Print Computer Keyboard

  1. I have an E Z laege print keyboard. How t
    Do I increase the volume? Which yellow keys increase and decrease volume pl.

    1. Hi Pat. Our site streams TV commercials. We don’t sell this keyboard and don’t have any documentation for it. Sorry we can’t answer your question.

  2. Hello,Could you kindly let me know the type of USB hub connections required for the EZ
    Eyes keybord – I have an HP monitor which has a male USB hub/plug,and going to my computer which also has a hub/plug.-ie a double sided USB cable.

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