Total Transformation Program

The Total Transformation Program

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The Total Transformation Program

Are you struggling with a ‘problem’ child who is rude or even abusive toward you? Are you tired of constant arguing? Do you find yourself giving in to your child’s demands, just to avoid more fighting? Have you tried everything you can think of, but your child still disrespects you? Help your child and your family with The Total Transformation Program.

Change your child’s disrespectful behavior and start enjoying your family again.

All kids act out from time to time. But when defiance, lying and bad behavior affects your entire family, you need a more serious intervention. And when you use the right tools, you can change your child’s problem behavior quickly and dramatically.

“Our son always had a hard time with authority, especially our authority. The results from using the Total Transformation Program are the arguments have almost ceased. They are down 90%. It’s made a happier home. For the first time we have control. Now we know how to end those arguments. We get to them before they even start.”

Dede M.
Missouri City, TX

Get the tools you need to improve your child’s behavior with the Total Transformation Program, as seen on TV commercials featuring Child Behavior Therapist Jane Lehman and program creator James Lehman. The Total Transformation Program is a step-by-step plan for changing bad behavior. Over 200,000 families have used Total Transformation to turn around their child’s behavior. If you’ve heard about the Total Transformation Program and wondered if it would work for your family, now you have a chance to try it out for free.

Here are some of the valuable skills you’ll learn:

  • Stop arguing with your child by using a powerful technique that pulls the plug on any argument. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it works!
  • Learn the 10 words that stop “back talk” and cursing immediately, no matter how rude your child gets.
  • Stop your child’s “acting out” in public. If your son or daughter is more disobedient when his or her friends are around, you need to this technique.
  • Stop the “Blame Game” with a word–by–word script that gets your child to take responsibility for his or her own behavior and stop blaming you and others.
  • Consequences 101: how to set specific consequences for kids in all age groups.
  • Prevent future problems before they start: teach your child problem-solving techniques that get better results from teachers and other adults.

The Total Transformation Program comes on DVD and CD with a workbook. Help your child take responsibility for their actions and get back in control of your home.

Don’t just keep hoping your child’s bad behavior will change on its own. Give yourself the chance to enjoy being a parent again. Order today and stop the bad behavior… for good.


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