Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment

Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment

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Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment

Slim Away is the adjustable slimming garment (also known as a corset, belt or shapewear) that trims inches off your waist without anyone knowing you’re wearing it. Just put it on and that belly’s gone. Zip it up to fit into any outfit. Also provides great back support. Use it while you exercise, and Slim Away’s Evaporwrap fabric seals in your body’s heat and helps you lose weight faster. One size fits all, from 50″ down to 22″. Five zipper positions mean Slim Away adjusts as you lose weight, so it’s always a perfect fit. Buy with confidence from Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment

  1. I purchased (2) of these items and (1) of the zipper’s broke on it, I was wondering if I could just get a replacement belt, but I don’t have the box because the store (ross) didn’t have but only 1 of the boxes and I no longer have the receipt. Please let me know what I can do about this issue or do I jus need to trash the product??? Please send me a reply.

    Thanks In Advance

    1. Hi Rosa, this website streams TV commercials. We’re not the maker of this product so we can’t be of help to you. If you don’t have the box or receipt you’re probably out of luck. Sorry.

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