Half Time Drill Driver

Half Time Drill Driver

The Half Time Drill Driver is the innovative new way to drill, flip, and drive in only five seconds. Never change a bit in the middle of a job again. The breakthrough is the patent pending swivel head that flips and locks for precision performance from drilling to driving in seconds. Half Time works with the tools you already have, making them better than before. Just select two different size bits, drill your pilot hole, flip the pivot arm, then drive in any screw, nut, or fastener. Time consuming projects can be completed in half the time. Get two 14-piece sets including Half Time Drill Driver bodies, Phillips and flat head adapters, drill bits and durable carrying case.

2 thoughts on “Half Time Drill Driver

  1. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews for the Half Time Drill Driver.
    If it’s that bad, don’t talk smack, show a video of how crappy you allegedly say it is.
    I’m going to go ahead a buy one and do an opening review and then a one month review, after I’ve used it a few hundred times then I’ll know if it’s crap or not and you’ll have video proof!

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