Perfect Micro Crisper

Perfect Micro Crisper

The Perfect Micro Crisper Pan turns your microwave into a gourmet-reheating machine, turning those drab and soggy leftovers back into tasty meals! You can cook, brown, fry, crisp and more, right in your microwave. Our Deluxe includes the Perfect MicroCrisper Lid that helps cook food evenly and eliminate splatter. It is the perfect companion to the Perfect MicroCrisper. And to make this offer even better, get the Perfect Micro Grill for free, just cover the separate P&H. The Perfect Micro Grill is uniquely designed with raised ridges that drain fat away during the cooking process, letting the food sear and adding flavor without grease. Absolutely free, you’ll also receive the Perfect Oven Mitt.

3 thoughts on “Perfect Micro Crisper

  1. I used this and stopped due to uneven heating

    There is no such thing as a perfect crisper for a microwave and I have tried EVERYTHING when staying in hotels without kitchens. The best solution I’ve found is saving the aluminum coated pockets from foods (like pocket pizzas) and reusing. Food is neither soggy and limp of crispy. You can cook on an iron but it’s messy and you risk setting off the smoke detector. My solution and it works well is a small toaster oven and when possible accommodations AIRbnb, homewood suites.

  2. Hi,

    I ordered one on September 26, 2016 and i also ordered Multi-Cut. As of November 10, 2016 i have not received them. Can you tell me why?

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