Restorz It

Restorz It

Restorz It is the miracle car paint restorer that can bring the color of any car back to life. Just spray it on and rub it in. Restore the look, luster and shine you thought was gone forever. Restorz It is not a wax or polish. It’s a spray containing patented Q70 surface active agent, and it removes all surface contamination and oxidation and replenishes paint pigment while restoring shine.

6 thoughts on “Restorz It

  1. I would like to buy restore it but can’t seem to find out where HELP!!!! Ron xxx-xxx-xxxx

    1. This product may no longer be in production. You can find similar products at any auto parts store.

      1. I have a Class A motorhome with very faded gray paint on it from the weather here on the Oregon coast will this product bring it back to life

        1. Hi Ann, our site streams TV commercials. We don’t sell any products. We don’t have any information about Restorz It other than what is shown in the commercial.

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