Shirley Temple Little Darling DVD Collection

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Shirley Temple Little Darling DVD Collection

The Little Darling Collection is the most complete Shirley Temple DVD box set ever assembled. Fully restored in Black and White and Color. This is an exclusive TV offer. With her mega-watt personality and disarming smile, a talented youngster named Shirley Temple danced, acted and sang her way into the hearts of cinema lovers worldwide, creating film history as she did! Never before has there been a more comprehensive DVD collection of Shirley Temple’s beloved classics than this set, which contains eighteen uniquely charming films.


3 thoughts on “Shirley Temple Little Darling DVD Collection

  1. How do I go about getting my little darling,DVD (18 in set) for the TV offer of 2 payments of $24.99?

    1. The offer in the video is no longer available as far as we know. We have provided links to other Shirley Temple DVD collections available on

    2. I am a senior, 72 years young. I have two very special granddaughters 7 and 12. I would love for them to experience the antics of the Shirley Temple Children’s Movies. They were amazing and very entertaining. Heidi was an awesome movie, very heartfelt!

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