Tomato Factory

Tomato Factory Planter

Tomato Factory Planter

Introducing the Tomato Factory Planter — the fast and simple way to grow a bumper crop of big, juicy delicious tomatoes without hard work or digging up your lawn. Succulent, organic tomatoes are right at your fingertips – on your porch, patio, deck, balcony or yard.

The easy way to grow bushels of red, juicy, great-tasting tomatoes.

Getting the Tomato Factory up and running is quick and easy – just fill, plant, water. Tomatoes grow like magic, up to 50 pounds of tomatoes per plant. And each Tomato Factory holds three plants, so you can harvest 150 pounds of big, beautiful ripe red tomatoes for your salads and sandwiches. Or make your own fantastic pasta sauce, pizza and salsa. You’ll know that your tomatoes are fresh and organic, because you’ve grown them yourself. Save more than $300 compared to tomatoes you buy at the grocery store!
Tomato Factory
Other planters cost $40, $50 or even $100 and that’s without any plants. But you can get your very own Tomato Factory for only $10 plus shipping and handling. Plus, you’ll also receive 3 free Bushelmaker Tomato Plants (Just pay separate S&H).

Tomato Factory Features & Benefits:

  • So quick and simple
  • No backbreaking digging or weeding
  • Has great soil aeration
  • Lets the sun heat the roots, just like in a greenhouse
  • Stimulates tomato growth, faster ripening and bigger yield

Order your Tomato Factory today and get growing.

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