Flowering Cherry Hedge

Flowering Cherry Hedge

Flowering Cherry Hedge

The Flowering Cherry Hedge is like having a cherry orchard right in your own backyard without planting a single tree. With the amazingly fast growing Flowering Cherry Hedge, you’ll soon be collecting cherries by the bowlful that you can use to make delicious pies, impressive desserts, and sweet jams. You don’t have a plant a tree and wait years for cherries any more. With the Flowering Cherry Hedge, just 3 plants make an orchard, erupting in a 5-foot high wall of bloom, a dazzling living fence of lush green foliage and white blossoms, loaded with clusters of luscious cherries. Easy to grow, even in harsh conditions. Winter hardy down to -40° F. Just plant, water and starting next spring, get ready for delicious cherries year after year.

10 thoughts on “Flowering Cherry Hedge

  1. I ordered 4 bushes last year, they still look like the sticks I took out of the package. When they didn’t grow, I tried calling the number and got the message that the number was disconnected. What a sham. I see the same ad is now back, called and phone still not in service.

  2. I am Pissed off and want my MONEY BACK. I did not receive the cherry hedges. I received Rose of Sharon’s. I did not know this until now. We planted and they are growing and have blooms on them that look just like my Rose of Sharon’s. Even the leaves match. My name is Judy Stumborg and I better here a reply back to fix this or it going to get nasty.

    1. Judy, did you read the rest of the comments on this page? Fuss and fume all you want to get it out of your system, but this website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell anything, and can’t help you.

  3. I ordered the cherry hedges, 4 of them over 2 months ago, all they sent was 4- 3 inch twigs that were dead i talked to a woman there she said she had no idea what they sent the bushes should have been around 2 feet long and she would ups me 4 more of the right plants, its now been 2 more weeks and nothing. I have tried calling at different times and the answer machine says they are closed and to leave a message and they will call back, still waiting for the call. I went to their web site and it says it is closed.

  4. I recieved 4 and none every got a leaf.
    I was really looking forward to them
    Please send 4 more !

    1. Hi Mark, we removed your personal info because these are public comments. Our site streams TV commercials. We don’t sell anything. You’ll need to contact the seller directly.

        1. We are not the company that sells these plants. Our website is for watching TV commercials. We cannot help you.

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