Paint Zoom Power Sprayer

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Paint Zoom Power Sprayer

Paint like a pro with the new spray technology of the Paint Zoom one-coat professional power spray painter. Just pull the trigger to cover any surface with a perfect, even coat of paint. With the Paint Zoom, painting projects that once took hours now take minutes. Eliminates the need for rollers, brushes and paint trays, and the one-touch operation cuts your painting time in half.

The Paint Zoom System includes the 3-way direct-dial spray attachment, paint container, 1 year warranty, 650 watt motor, and more. Paint Zoom Pro also available. Buy Paint Zoom or get additional details.

$33 plus S&H


5 thoughts on “Paint Zoom Power Sprayer

  1. still waiting for the gun nozzel I orded two weeks ago. Only here for a week to paint this fence. xxx xxx xxxx wayne cole today is tuesday 20th

    1. Wayne, our website streams TV infomercials. We don’t sell Paint Zoom or any other products. You need to contact the seller directly.

  2. Using a best paint sprayer can be good option for you. Traditionally, to paint house, a paint brush or a roller is used. But, with the paint brush or roller, you need more time and a lot of skills to get results

  3. Is there a special deal given for the paint zoom right now . I had seen one in the past on tv , please reply with some info for me i’m very interested in your product ,
    Thank You

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