Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men

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Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men

Insta Slim body slimming shirts flatten your stomach, redefine your chest and eliminate your love handles. Crew neck t-shirt and muscle tank styles in sizes from medium to triple extra large. Insta Slim shirts are made from high-quality nylon Spandex blend fabric that slims your torso then retains its shape wash after wash. Can be worn under all your clothing. Look more fit.


4 thoughts on “Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men

  1. I saw a 2 for 1 offer on a uk shopping channel yesterday at £19.99 but have lost the address could you please forward it to me asap so that I can buy at the special offer price of two for one.

    Kind Regards

    Chris Woodrow

    1. Wish we could help, but our site only streams TV advertisements and we don’t have the information you’re requesting. Sorry!

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