iRenew Bracelet – New and Improved

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iRenew Bracelet – New and Improved

The iRenew Bracelet is the patented wristband that will change your life. Art Edmonds is back with the new and improved version of iRenew. Independent university and clinical studies have shown that the patent-approved technology in iRenew may promote strength, balance and endurance.

iRenew is now new and improved!

The iRenew Bracelet is surgical-grade silicone infused with our exclusive patented technology and accented in gleaming stainless steel, with a fully-adjustable clasp. Fashion and function combine in this unique bracelet, invented, designed and engineered in the USA.

“Long trips require a lot of stamina. The iRenew helps me feel great.” – Airline pilot

Balance your body and balance your life with iRenew.

You’ve heard what everyone’s saying about iRenew, and now it’s time to try it for yourself. If you act now and buy the iRenew Bracelet, you’ll receive a second iRenew free (just pay extra shipping). This rugged band is worn by professional athletes and celebrities and is designed for both work and play. Balance your body and balance your life with iRenew.

Put some pep in that step. Do you feel like you just can’t keep up? Need a little extra to get you through the day? Stop the skepticism and wear what works.


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