Total View Auto Blind Spot Mirror

Total View Auto Blind Spot Mirror

Total View is the amazing adjustable mirror for your car that eliminates blind spots. Its ingenious concave design lets you change lanes, back up and park with confidence. Total Views attaches in seconds to the side mirror of any make or model of car, SUV or truck.

3 thoughts on “Total View Auto Blind Spot Mirror

  1. I ordered this back on April 24 and have not heard one thing, nor any word about my order.I have the order confirmation #22303829. Where is my order? When I go into the “check order status,” I get “committed.” That is what showed on April 24 and has not changed. Again, where is my order???

    1. Hi Carolyn, this is a website that streams TV commercials. We don’t sell anything and can’t help you with your order. Sorry.

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