The Perfect Dog Training System

The Perfect Dog Training System

DogFather Don Sullivan shows you how to solve problem behaviors and train your pet to be The Perfect Dog. The Perfect Dog system includes training DVDs, Command Collar, Freedom Training Lines and a Quick Start Guide. With logical, easy to apply, step-by-step instructions, The Perfect Dog System covers everything from basic and advanced commands, solving problem behaviors, to creating safety boundaries.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Dog Training System

  1. I need to know how to train a Daschund to not bark so much, and also come when I call him. He loves his ball and will bring it back to me. He is 2 1/2 yrs. old.

  2. I ordered the program. My Terrier was responding to the correction and in fact was possessive of her leash. She liked having the leash left on her. What I noticed was she could get her leg through the rope-like loop on the collar. I wasn’t certain how she as doing it, so I would release her leg. Tonight, however, she got her leg through the loop and past the first joint of her leg. As the loop tightened the hard studded collar around her neck she began whizzing and choking. The collar became so tight I could not release the silver buckle and had to cut the loop in order to stop her choking. Thank goodness I was with her. If you own the system be careful.

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