One Touch Steam Tornado Mop

One Touch Steam Tornado Mop

The One Touch Steam Tornado Mop cleans and sanitizes floors and surfaces without harsh, dangerous chemicals. Converts from a mop to handheld use. Use inside and out in kitchen, bathroom, floors, carpets, stairs, countertops, even the grill, patio furniture and your car’s tires. Clean and sanitize every surface in your home with the One Touch Steam Tornado.

2 thoughts on “One Touch Steam Tornado Mop

  1. Hello, I bought a One Touch Steam Tornado Mop quite a while ago, and didn’t have much luck with getting it to work. I’m finally getting around to try it again and don’t have the instruction booklet. Is it available? If so, please let me know where to find it, or please send a PDF to my e-mail. (I’ve done a search online and haven’t found it yet.) I’ve read some very negative reviews about the mop not working. If I can get it work, I would like to get some of the mop pads. Thanks.

    1. Patty, our website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell any products. Don’t know where you can find instructions or pads. Good luck in your search.

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