Water Jet

Water Jet

Water Jet is the high-pressure hose attachment that turns your ordinary garden hose into a pressure washer. No gas or electricity required, and because of water reduction, you’ll use less water. Blast grime and weeds from walks and driveways. Easily wash your car, truck, boat or camper. Safely reach second story windows from ground level. Remove dirt build-up and mold from siding or concrete foundations. All without the expense and hassle of a bulky, heavy, loud, energy-wasting conventional pressure washer. As a free bonus for ordering the Water Jet, get the Water Jet Brass Fan Tip.

6 thoughts on “Water Jet

    1. Peggy, our site just streams TV commercials. We’re not a store and don’t sell anything. We don’t have a phone number for this offer. Sorry.

  1. I recently purchased the pressure washer on line. I gave you an imncorrect e-mail address. The correct one is xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com. Note the double ‘x’ in xxxx. THanks for any helk you can give me on the status of my order.

    1. Richard, our website does not sell the products shown in the videos. You’ll need to contact the seller directly to correct your information.

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