Tower 200 from Body by Jake

Tower 200 from Body by Jake

If you want to train like 5 time MMA Champion Randy Couture, get Tower 200. C’mon, you can’t find 11 minutes a day? If you’re ready to get crazy, try out the mother of all workouts with our 11-minute body shredding routine, featuring Randy Couture’s MMA-inspired moves like The Warrior, The Demon, and The Freak! This stuff is insane! Tower 200 from Body by Jake gives you 200 lbs. of explosive resistance delivered through our multi-tension power cords, and over 200 exercises that push your muscles to the max. Get it Done and Get Out. In just seconds, the Tower 200 fits on any door in the house, office, or dorm. Plus it’s padded so there’s no messing up your door.

2 thoughts on “Tower 200 from Body by Jake

  1. Hello !I already have tower 200 I am interested in the straight bar that fits on to the tower 200 I live in Ont Can. due you ship to Can. thank you

    1. Hi George, we’re not a store and we don’t sell anything, but I did look and found this current auction on eBay for just the straight bar: Tower 200 Hope that helps.

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