Bottle Top

Bottle Top

Bottle Top turns your favorite canned drink into a bottle. It’s impossible to close an open can after you pop the top, and open cans spill. Open cans lose their fizz, so you dump them out. What a waste. Introducing Bottle Top. With a snap of a cap, Bottle Top turns your can into a bottle. Bottle Tops work on almost any type of can – soda, beer, ice tea or energy drink. It snaps in place, instantly sealing the can. Get 12 Bottle Tops in this special TV offer.

2 thoughts on “Bottle Top

  1. I watched the video of the bottle top and I would like to buy it. How much is it? Please advise.


    1. Samantha, our website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell anything. I’m not sure where you can currently find this product for sale.

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