Grater Plater

Grater Plater

What would happen if you combined a cheese grater with a plate? You’d have a plate that grates – the Grater Plater. As featured on Discovery Channel Pitchmen with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan. With the Plater Grater, grate cheese, garlic, ginger, right on the plate. Everything stays on the plate. The hardened, tempered ceramic design of the Grater Plater never dulls, and it’s triple glazed so nothing sticks. Pass it around the dinner table, and everyone can grate their own cheese. Add some olive oil and herbs to your grated cheese or garlic, and it becomes a dipping plate. Use the Grater Plater for baking, chocolate, cinnamon, even coconut.

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  1. I live in Ontario, Canada and would love 6 sets of the garlic plate , roller and brush
    How do I get this delivered to me by Christmas ?

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