Wash Wizard

Wash Wizard

Wash Wizard Power Washer is the world’s most powerful soft-touch water-driven rotowasher. Wash Wizard has hundreds of soft-touch, microfiber cleaning pads that spin inside the powerwash head, gently cleaning and polishing without scratching. With the extension handle you can wash the entire windshield and even reach on top of the hood. Now you have a car wash right in your own back yard or driveway. The Wash Wizard is the professional power wash wand that makes cleaning your car fast, easy and affordable.

2 thoughts on “Wash Wizard

  1. Your clothes will come out rough and faded. If you try to return even one day past the 30 day guarantee, they will not allow your return. If you manage to contact them within the 30 day window, they will charge you return shipping fees and a restocking fee (which means you aren’t really getting a return). DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

    1. The Wash Wizard in this commercial is for washing your car, not your clothes. Maybe you are talking about a different product with a similar name?

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