Ronco Six Star Plus Knife Set

Ronco Six Star Plus Knife Set

Ronco Six Star Plus Knife Set

Here is the Ronco Six Star deluxe GIANT Cutlery Set you’ve seen on TV with Ron Popeil – complete with all the knives and accessories you’ll ever need for everyday and gourmet food preparation. You get 25 pieces, each crafted of superior high carbon stainless steel that will never lose its super sharp edge. This super set would cost $850 if all pieces were purchased separately. But you get the entire Ronco Six Star Cutlery Set for an astounding low price. Includes a bonus knife sharpener.

11 thoughts on “Ronco Six Star Plus Knife Set

  1. please send me phone # or website that I can order a new set of the six star cutlery, I bought a set 15 years ago, alot of my knives are dull, or the handles have broke, and the scissors broke years ago, but over all my set has had alot of use and I would like to replace them , I also have the block for the knives and its still like new.

    1. Sorry you didn’t like your knives, but they’re not ours. We just stream TV commercials and infomercials. We don’t sell anything on this website.

  2. I talked to a lady about a month ago and told her I was leaving Mi for Fl in oct and she said she would call me on oct 17th. I wanted to order but did not want delivery problems. I am here now but did not recieve call. Quess I will have to go to store and buy.

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