HD Vision Readers with Built-in Bifocals

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HD Vision Readers with Built-in Bifocals

HD Vision Readers are amazing HD Vision sunglasses with bifocal magnifying lenses built right in, making reading outside easy. No more squinting or fumbling with extra reading glasses. HD Vision Readers are like two pairs of glasses in one. Perfect for reading by the beach or the pool. Your choice of black or tortoise shell frames and also choose the magnification right for you. And just like high definition TV, HD Vision Readers deliver color and clarity like you’ve never seen before.


6 thoughts on “HD Vision Readers with Built-in Bifocals

  1. Looks like a lot of us have been taken. I also have an order number 12425340 from hdreaders.com. Ordered 7/22/2014 no glasses no nothing.

  2. I would contact GD Vision directly if I had a phone # or address…sadly there are none. If any one else in this position can help, please post it. $87 gone!!!

    1. James, our website streams TV commercials. We’re not a store and we don’t sell anything. You’ll have to contact the seller with questions about your order.

  3. I ordered my H D Readers on June 27th and never recieved my glasses my confirmation #is 12277966. Please let me know what happened . Thanks, Bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie, it’s kind of funny that you’re ordering sunglasses and your name is Oakley! Anyway, I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve contacted a website that cannot help. Our site streams TV commercials. We’re not a store and we don’t anything. Hope you receive your order soon.

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