MaxiGlide Hair Straightener with Steamburst Technology

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MaxiGlide Hair Straightener with Steamburst Technology

MaxiGlide is the revolutionary styling tool that makes traditional flat irons irrelevant. It is the result of almost seven years of R&D and over one thousand prototypes! Its unique design creates smooth, shiny, straight hair up to five times faster, without the need to blow dry your hair smooth first. Choose between MaxiGlide RP for all hair types, and MaxiGlide XP for very thick, strong hair.

The key to Maxiglide’s performance is its multi-patented design which includes multiple rows of detangling pins, steamburst system, protective ridges, and ceramic technology. MaxiGlide is the world’s ONLY straightener with detangling pins, Advanced Steamburst Technology, and protective ridges that can take your hair from frizzy to smooth — to shiny and straight — in ONE STEP, with one tool — MAXIglide.


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