Pasta N More

Pasta N More

Pasta N More is the amazing cook, drain and serve all-in-one pasta cooker. Pasta N More uses the microwave to instantly heat and keep the water at the perfect cooking temperature. Cooks every kind of pasta to perfection. Also prepares potatoes and vegetables. Pasta N More makes perfect pasta.

6 thoughts on “Pasta N More

  1. I didn’t receive a cook book with my Pasta n more dish, would you PLEASE mail me one to: C. L. Giroir
    318 Opelousas St
    Donaldsonville, La. 70346

    Thanking you in advance

  2. I didn’t receive a cookbook with my pasta n more dish. Would you please mail one to me. Thanks
    C. L. Giroir
    [address redacted]

    1. Hello, our site streams TV commercials. We’re not the maker or seller of Pasta N More. Sorry we can’t help!

  3. I received the Pasta n more as a gift and one of the handles was broken off, is it possible to receive a new handle or piece that it is attached to.

    Thank you

    1. Jeanette, our website streams TV commercials. We’re not a store and we don’t make or sell any products. Wish we could help.

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