WOW Storage System

WOW Storage System

WOW Containers Storage System is the mix and match storage system that makes storage a snap. With Wow Containers you can mix and match sizes, always have room at the top of the container, keep food fresh, and stop losing lids. Included in this offer are 40 WOW Containers including a perfect size for everything. WOW Containers make storage easy.

3 thoughts on “WOW Storage System

    1. I’m really sorry we can’t display the comments from the original version of our website. We had a lot of comments about this. Wow containers were popular about 5 years back. It seems to be the universal opinion that this was a terrible product. The containers cracked easily, and the tabs broke off so that they wouldn’t seal.

      1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that!
        I LOVE mine! They wash so easily and cleanly! And you always have a container and a lid… not matter what!
        Dang! I was hoping to get a new set!

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