Instant Fisherman

Instant Fisherman

Get the newer, better, tougher Instant Fisherman. With Instant Fisherman you can go fishing anytime and anywhere. It’s compact, portable and sets up in seconds. Instant Fisherman is strong enough to catch a any kind of fish. It’s always ready, and collapses to less than a foot and expands to nearly 6 feet in seconds. Comes with 10 year replacement warranty and free bonus Fishing Secrets of the Pros.

6 thoughts on “Instant Fisherman

  1. I recently bought this fishman a year-ago only went to fish twice, it was not working my 2nd time fishing, it seem something broke down from inside. Should I return it or does it still on warrenty. Thank you.

  2. I paid for and instant fisherman. I was sent and order confirmation with no number.
    I was charged $67.43 which included a ridiculous shipping amount of $23.84
    tax of $3.69 for a total of $67.43. This amount was stolen from me and never refunded.
    I was charged this on my visa account. This is no way to run a business unless you are monkey.

    1. Rand, this website streams TV commercials. We are not a store and we do not sell anything. If you had a problem with your order, you need to contact the seller of this product.

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