ShamWow 2020

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ShamWow 2020

Vince from ShamWow is back. Here’s his new pitch: Oh no! Another nasty flood? You’re wasting beautiful bath towels? And then you’re going to put this on your body? Forget it! Grab the ShamWow — it’s new and improved. It’s thicker and now even more absorbent than the original. Doesn’t drip or make a mess like regular towels that easily get waterlogged.

It holds ten times its weight in liquid. Use it on large messes, dusting, and cleaning. Even carpet stains are picked up faster than ever before. The new ShamWow has a zinc compound that kills bacteria that would normally live in a regular towel. Sponges collect germs, but ShamWow doesn’t. It sells itself.

ShamWows will always stay soft so you can dry your cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and pets. Or use it as a towel on yourself. Cut one ShamWow into 8 mini ShamWows for over a thousand uses: mirrors, windows, countertops, floors, sinks, walls and save hundreds of dollars on paper towels.

Those spray mops that use disposable sheets that you just throw away? Replace those sheets with ShamWow to clean your floors beautifully and then use it over and over again because they’re machine washable and come with a 10 year warranty. Get ShamWow now and save time, money and save yourself. Click here to order the new and improved 2-pack ShamWow from Amazon.


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