Lauren Hutton Face Disc Makeup

Lauren Hutton Face Disc Makeup

Lauren Hutton’s Face Disc is a color-coded, foolproof makeup system that will take years off your appearance. Lauren Hutton, pioneering supermodel and renowned actress, discovered the secret that as women age, they should change the type of makeup they use and how they apply it. She invented a new kind of makeup to make an older woman look naturally youthful.

3 thoughts on “Lauren Hutton Face Disc Makeup

  1. It is now Feb. 2018, and I just saw this! I’m running out of certain Lauren Hutton disc refill, and I want more!!! I’ve worn her products for over 10 years, and what will I do without them?

    Doe anyone know anywhere where I can still get refills for her disc? I am “pink”, and I
    love the soft concealer. Is there any of that anywhere to be purchased? Help, Please!

    Carole Laventhol–

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