5 Mins Shaper Pro

5 Mins Shaper Pro

5 Mins Shaper Pro

Now your can chisel your body and reshape your abs faster than you ever dreamed possible. Introducing 5 Mins Shaper Pro, the world’s most explosive abs, core and total body workout machine. Just lift your knees to sculpt upper abs, lower abs, obliques and core, all in just 5 minutes a day.

5 Mins Shaper Pro’s advanced speed-shaping secret is the one of a kind reverse incline crunch movement, targeting your abs throughout the range of motion. You get incredibly fast ab shaping and total body muscle toning.

The game-changing new Swivel Shaper feature lets you carve sexy definition into your right and left obliques. And independent tests confirm that 5 Mins Shaper Pro generate 3 times more muscle activity in the abs than crunches.

Adjustable inclines match your increasing levels of fitness, from beginner to intermediate to super intense extreme. Just give this machine 5 minutes a day and you’ll carve strong and sexy abs, plus lean toned muscles in your arms, chest, quads and glutes. Comes with everything you need to sculpt the sleekest and sexiest abs ever, including a workout chart, calorie-cutting nutrition plan and an exclusive ab-shredding total body exercise DVD packed with fast and fun body-shaping exercises

4 thoughts on “5 Mins Shaper Pro

    1. Looks like this product is no longer available on Amazon. We’ve removed the link. Thanks for letting us know.

  1. I have purchased the 5 mins shaper pro abs machine but never use it as there was not a workout DVD included. Can you please let me know if it is possible to purchase the ‘exclusive ab-shredding total body exercise DVD’ as in your description separately. Obviously I’m not going to buy the whole machine again just so that I can get a DVD, which again might not even be included in the pack. Many thanks. Paula

    1. Paula, this website streams TV commercials. We don’t make or sell any products. You’ll need to contact the company directly to inquire about the DVD.

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