35º Below Compression Socks – Compression & Warming Socks

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35º Below Compression Socks – Compression & Warming Socks

35º Below Compression and Warming Socks are the all-in-one solution — aids in better circulation, relieves discomfort from swollen ankles, and helps keep feet warm and cozy. These socks are designed from aerospace fabric technology, blending super soft aluminized threads into a woven, stretchable fabric. It applies constant compression while improving circulation to your foot and lower leg. 35º Below merges the best of comfort, circulation and warmth.

Both compression and warming with these amazing all-in-one socks.

Get the benefits of a compression sock to minimize swelling and discomfort, while your feet stay with stay warm and dry for maximum comfort. It’s comfortable sock science you’ll want to wear every day. According to vascular surgeon Dr. Charles W. Dunn, “Circulation problems can lead to swelling and pain in the legs.  The use of compression socks can help alleviate those symptoms by improving the natural blood flow both into and out of the legs.”

Keep your feet and legs comfortable all day.

If you’re stuck sitting or standing for hours on end, or if you lead an active lifestyle, now you can find relief for your tired, cold feet. 35º Below Compression Socks can help reduce swelling and keep your body’s circulation flowing. Helps keep you going comfortably.


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