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35º Below Socks

Introducing 35º Below Socks for cold weather comfort. Nothing spoils a winter adventure faster than cold sweaty feet. You wear insulated boots and thick socks, but no matter how you try, you can’t keep your feet warm and dry. Stop cold, sweaty feet with 35º Below Socks, the amazing socks developed with aerospace fabric technology to keep feet warm and dry in the most extreme conditions.

Advanced sock science for your feet using aerospace technology.

35º Below Socks are made with super-soft aluminized threads, woven into a breathable nylon-knit fabric that reflects back your body heat. This minimizes perspiration and moisture, so your feet stay cozy warm, dry, and incredibly comfortable. After only 15 minutes of working in the cold, heavy socks are already moist and uncomfortable. these socks stay dry. Ordinary cold weather socks are bulky and itchy, but 35º Socks are sheer, thin and lightweight. Wear them by themselves or under your regular socks for a comfortable fit indoors or out.

In winter boots, hiking boots, dress boots or shoes, running shoes — any shoe — 35º Below Socks are ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. Hockey players, skiers, hikers and cold weather bikers. If you’re out in the cold to work, for a walk or a run, or just to enjoy your active outdoor lifestyle without cold, wet feet, these socks will keep your spirits high and your feet warm and dry. They’re machine washable, and dryer safe, so there’s no special cleaning required.

Get 3 pairs for just $19.99 with free shipping.

Bulky electric socks cost up to $50 dollars or more and make your feet sweat. 35º Below Socks use similar aerospace fabric technology and you cost much less. And your hands can stay just as dry and warm with 35º Below Gloves.


12 thoughts on “35º Below Socks

    1. Please don’t swear at us. This website streams TV commercials. We don’t make or sell anything. We don’t have your socks, or anybody’s socks but our own. Customer service is available on the 35° Socks website.

  1. I ordered these socks on 01-22-2017 and then I received a tracking number for the said order but when I go to use it to track the order the screen says that theres no order to be found. Can someone please help me understand whats really going on
    Thank you truly

    1. If you visit the customer service link posted in this comment thread, there is an email address and phone number to get in touch with the seller.

  2. I ordered socks and gloves about 3 or 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything about the order?
    Please return a comment.

    1. This website streams TV commercials. We do not sell anything. Read the other comments where you will find the link to customer service for this offer.

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