3 Week Yoga Retreat

3 Week Yoga Retreat – Now on DVD

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3 Week Yoga Retreat – Now on DVD

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, 3 Week Yoga Retreat is a great place to start. Learn the fundamentals of yoga in just 21 days, in the comfort of your home. This program was previously only available on Beachbody on Demand, Beachbody’s amazing streaming service. Now it’s here on DVD with exclusive bonuses.

Real yoga fundamentals. Beginner-friendly.

3 Week Yoga Retreat is beginner-friendly step-by-step expert instruction with 21 different classes, each a half-hour or less. In just 3 weeks, you can improve your flexibility, strength, confidence, balance and posture, while also reducing stress. These are the best classes from world-class teachers.

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Check out the bonuses.

Order 3 Week Yoga Retreat on 4 DVDs and you’ll also receive the Quickstart Guide, Nutrition Guide, Class Calendar, Beginner Basics Videos and Pose Tracker.


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