22 Minute Hard Corps

22 Minute Hard Corps Workout

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22 Minute Hard Corps Workout

Get “Boot Camp Fit” with Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps fitness and nutrition program from Beachbody. Tony Horton, creator of P90X, has toured military bases all over the world, helping troops train to their maximum fitness potential. Inspired by the no-nonsense simplicity of basic training, Tony decided to make it his mission to bring military-style workouts to everyone.

Now it’s your mission, for 22 minutes each day for 8 weeks, to follow Tony’s program and get “Boot Camp Fit” — maybe get in the best shape of your life. With 22 Minute Hard Corps, getting in shape and losing weight is real simple, and real effective. Eight 22 minute workout, with time-efficient moves used in military training, help you burn off the fat and strengthen your body in just 22 minutes a day.

“22 Minute Hard Corps is the simple approach to fitness that will get you the results without a lot of complex moves,” says Tony. “The moves in 22 Minute Hard Corp are set to a cadence, and it’s your mission to give me every single rep, at my pace. I’m not going to waste your time. We’re going to push you hard for 22 minutes. So you do the program – all 8 weeks – and you’ll get the results, or you’ll get your money back.”


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