21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix Fitness and Weight Loss Program

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21 Day Fix Fitness and Weight Loss Program

In just three weeks, the 21 Day Fix system by Beachbody can help you get your body ready for hot times under the sizzling summer sun. Meeting your weight-loss and fitness goals has never been simpler or faster. The system comes with everything you need to get buff and lose up to 15 pounds—quickly and simply. And Beachbody guarantees results, offering a 30-day refund if you are not 100 percent satisfied.

Why most diets don’t work

Most diets don’t work simply because they’re designed to fail. They’re overly complicated and take too much time. People get tired worrying all the time about eating right and wrong foods. They get burned out driving back and forth to the gym. Let 21 Day Fix help you break that failure cycle with its innovative approach to slimming and strengthening.

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Why 21 Day Fix DOES work

21 Day Fix makes it easy for anyone to meet their fitness and weight-loss goals. There’s no counting, no guessing, no weighing, no wondering. The core of the system is simple:

  1. Food portion control system that’s easy to follow
  2. 30-minute daily workout

If you can commit to simple portion control and a quick workout each day, you have an excellent chance of meeting your health goals. Stop throwing away money, time and energy on diets and programs that don’t work. Get 21 Day Fix.

What you get

  • 6 easy-to-follow workouts on 2 DVDs
    Total Body Cardio Fix: Keep your heart rate and metabolism revved.
    Upper Fix: Resistance-train your whole body.
    Lower Fix: Tone and firm your lower body while burning fat and calories.
    Pilates Fix: Beef up your core while elongating your muscles.
    Cardio Fix: Burn off the pounds and get your heart pumping.
    Yoga Fix: Better your balance, flexibility and strength while relaxing your muscles.
  • 21-day portion control system
    This innovative program comes with seven portion control containers, each for a different food type, that make eating healthy a no-brainer. You also get a Shakeology shaker cup for control of drink portions.

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