1 Second Slicer

1 Second Slicer

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1 Second Slicer

1 Second Slicer is the amazing food preparation station that slices, dices, chops, minces and juliennes — then serves, seals, stacks and stores — all in a compact container the size of a loaf of bread. Why single slice a potato when you can slice the whole potato in 1 second? Slice family-size french fries lightning fast, or a pile of shoestring potatoes in a flash. Slice carrots with incredible speed in any size or shape you need.

Stop crying over onions, because 1 Second Slicer chops whole onions in the container without the tears. Slice tomatoes with the speed of a professional chef. Or make a full size fruit salad in less than 60 seconds.

The stainless steel blades are laser-honed and razor sharp. Slice deli meats with ease, and cutting cheese cubes is a breeze. Don’t hand slice a salad when you can make an entire salad, start to finish, in seconds. Pack it up and take it with you for parties with family and friends.

To clean 1 Second Slicer, simply push a button to release food remnants, then rinse. That’s it. Then store all the pieces conveniently inside the container.


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